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Sommersonne (13.1.2004)


»Er wird die Welt erneuern und Licht und Wärme zurückbringen«
(aus Der Eisprophet von William R. Forstchen)

Our Magic is Our Give-Away
400 kB, gesungen am 12.11.2003

Our magic is our give-away
Our magic is our song
So, give away your love today
And sing the whole day long!
Sing the whole day long...

May the Circle Be Open
1,2 MB, gesungen am 12.1.2004

May the Circle be open, But unbroken.
 May the peace of the Goddess be ever in your heart.
  Merry Meet, And Merry Part, And Merry Meet again.

Der Kreis bleibe offen, doch ungebrochen.
 Fülle göttlicher Friede für immer unser Herz.
  Frohes Sehn, Auseinandergehn und frohes Wiedersehn.

Die Feinste Essenz

RC »Raw Courage« Dini: Star Light. Fresh Air. Pure Water. Raw Food. Loving Touch. Playful Activity. Sleep.

Star Light.

I'll say it point blank... Dude, you've got to go nude! Clothing is disease. Clothing is neglect. Clothing is weakness. Clothing is unnatural. Nudity is health. Nudity is strength. Nudity is power. Nudity is natural. Come to realize the human animal is 100% solar powered and should never have been clothed -- ever. Don't underestimate skin! Every human on the planet should be able to thrive 15 hours of everyday in direct sunlight. If you want shade there's plenty of time for that at night. Heat up during the day and cool down under the auspices of starlight. The night sky sharpens the senses and heightens awareness. Take off your clothing addiction, get out of your artificial cave and get outside!

Fresh Air.

Civilization stinks of rot and pollution. Everybody knows the routine. Car exhaust, industrial smoke stacks, acid rain, the whole bit. And to top it all off people smoke! That's got to stop. Reality check -- lungs are designed for fresh air not for toxic pollution and smog. Do what you like, live where you want, just understand...only when your respiratory system functions at peak efficiency can you maximize your potential by performing your best. Remember... it is the lungs and not the heart (as popularly perceived) that pumps your living machine.

Pure Water.

One of the special things about living on Maui is the abundance of pure water. Fresh water waterfalls and pools and open ocean galore! So much of it the waters can still be considered safe. The cooked food world hasn't been able to contaminate all of it yet. In San Diego, where I call home, no water source can be considered safe. And if matters weren't bad enough Tijuana, Mexico, where the conditions are truly disgusting, is right next door. Pure water is pure luxury nowadays and I won't take it for granted here on the Hawaiian island for an instant.

Raw Food.

The ticket to your greatness and satisfaction is to decrease the amount of cooked food in your diet (until none) by increasing the amount of raw food. Decrease cooked -- increase raw. That is a success strategy that has no equal. Don't fool yourself -- the raw food diet is the ultimate success strategy. Keep in mind every creature from the beginning of life on Earth has eaten a 100% raw food diet. There is no danger eating organically grown whole foods and it doesn't matter who you are or what condition you're in. When was the last time you ate a whole cantaloupe or two or three or four? This is what I'm talking about. Massive action. Melons are the best! Pow it down. All perfect fruit is the best and it's just food. That's all it is. Cooked food is the poison, so don't be afraid of fruit! Fruit starves all disease and is what your body was specifically designed for. You are a biological frugivore. Be cute eat fruit!

Loving Touch.

To take a quote from Hygeia Halfmoon's book, Primal Mothering, "The human animal is a continuous contact species." That means if you're not in direct contact with others all the time (skin to skin) you're not living to outdo everybody. You're not living up to your potential and your not trying to be your best. Children should be in your constant everyday life. No moment of your life should lack loving touch. Continuous contact species. That means all the time. You should be siblings, cousines, great uncles, great great aunts, great great great grandmothers, great great great great great grandsons and so forth. Reminesne back through your life and gauge where you are compared to the standard of constant loving touch. Clothing interfering with skin to skin contact, your own room and bed to sleep in, kids off to school, parents off to work, and family across the country. All that is out. How much quality - "A # 1 quality" - contact you give and get in your everyday life decides how you well live and how ill you die. Your health destiny resides on this pivotal point.

Playful Activities.

Yoga is fun! Do yoga every day! What ever you can do. Walking is fun! Go walking every day. What ever you can do. Swimming is fun! Go swimming every day. Holding your breath under water and farting underwater is fun! Children are fun! Grandparents are fun! Friends are fun! Dreaming is fun! Kisses are fun! Foot massages are fun! Butt massages are even more fun! Working is fun! Reading is fun! Learning is fun! Sunbathing is fun! Sex is fun! Poohing is fun! Exploring is fun! Dancing is fun! Foraging fruit is fun! I love finding fruit and eating it right there on the spot. Life is fun! Live life every day! Get out there and play, already!


Rest and dry-fast. When you're asleep you're hardly doing anything -- all you do is lay still and breathe. Eyes closed and unconscious. That's rejuvenation for you. Sleep is the ultimate rejuvenator. How beautiful it is to rest and do nothing afterwards! The morning stretch and yawn feels so good! Night frights and other forms of restless sleeps are caused by toxic conditions inside and outside of you. Night time detoxification. Go to sleep on an empty stomach. Make sure you're surrounded by living things -- people for comfort - plants for oxygen -- and you're guaranteed to wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to go! Keep the windows open or better yet... sleep outside for a nice comfy breeze. Sleep is one of the key ingredients for good health! If your body wants to sleep in then sleep in. That's simple logic that eludes some people. If you need rest your body will tell you by being tired. Health isn't rocket science folks. It's kind-a like if your skin itches then you should itch it! Not scratching an itch is insanity! Your body is telling you to itch! There's a primal pleasure doing what Nature tells you to do. Everyone dry-fasts every single night. It's called sleeping! Dry-fast during the day too. Get rid of your water-fat flesh. Stale stagnant internal fluids are no good. Don't eat, don't drink, rest and sleep! If you can't just fall asleep: get up and do something then. Probably the moon is full and your insomnia is natural. Perhaps you should be howling with the wolves. Or if your insomnia is unnatural try staring at the pitch black dark with your eyes wide open for fifteen minutes. Stare at the darkness hard for a while. That'll put you to sleep!

Interview with Fouad »Raw Courage« Dini
Co-Author of Nature's First Law: The Raw Food Diet.

Sein Buch

Raw Courage World
The end of addiction, pollution, and disease.


Cooked Coward World
The beginning of religion, sexism, and science.


Fouad Philosophy


A Course In Baby Talk

ist online im Volltext: Raw Courage World by Raw Courage Dini.

Ich stehe mit RC in Kontakt. Er würde sich über eine Deutsche Übersetzung freuen. Würde sich das jemand zutrauen? :))

Ancient Mother, I hear you calling Ancient Mother

Ancient Mother, I hear you calling,
Ancient Mother, I hear your song,
Ancient Mother, I feel your laughter,
Ancient Mother, I taste your tears.

Ancient Mother, I hear you calling,
Ancient Mother, I sing your song,
Ancient Mother, I join your laughter,
Ancient Mother, I dry your tears.

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